Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Thoughts on the New Year

In the book of happy memories, the 2009 section may come up shorter than most. Our economy suffered, unemployment rose and hopes for a quick recovery were dashed. Terms like “jobless recovery” and “double dip recession” became the hot phrases of the year. Most can’t wait to raise their glasses in farewell.

However, we can look at 2009 another way. Its conditions may have been inclement but for those who survived (without government assistance) it can be seen as a great storm weathered; victory through perseverance. As Thomas Paine so eloquently put it, “these are the times that try men’s souls”. Well consider our souls tried, bent and pushed. For those who remain, the hard part is over.

This is something that could be observed earlier this year at the 2009 ICSC conference in Las Vegas. There were half as many participants but the ones who stayed were worth talking to. So indeed let’s raise our glasses high on New Years but instead of blind faith in 2010, lets toast to the grit displayed in 2009 and the opportunities that will be rewarded to those who grinded it out!

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