Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Net Lease Snap Shot: Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

  • Cap rates for c-stores differ more greatly from premium to non premium tenants than any other sub-section. For example, ExxonMobil trades with cap rates around 5.00%, 7-Eleven around 7.00%, and single unit operators from 10-12%. A gap of almost 700 basis points.

  • There was a high focus on only best in class in 2009. Today people are looking at properties with cap rates ranging from 7-8% to 10-12%.

  • Larger corporate operators in 2006 and 07 did a lot of sale-leasebacks, especially Circle K. Recently they have been re-purchasing sites. In general, the same people who were selling years ago are buying again.

  • Environmental regulations (many of which became active in 2010) caused many gas stations to be sold by corporations due to lack of profitability with regulations.
  • Gas Stations are the most polarizing sub-section. They have accelerated depreciation and steady demand. However, environmental regulations and concerns over alternative fuels turn many away.

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