Thursday, September 23, 2010

Understanding Net Lease Investors

Certain types of investments appeal differently to investors and their varying needs. These needs might include offsetting tax liabilities and expanding one’s business. Another investor may be concerned with capital gains or bond-like income streams. An investor nearing retirement may be worried about hedging their money against inflation and wealth preservation.

As with any business, understanding the clientele is instrumental to mastering the trade. When it comes to net lease investments, we can roughly separate investors into three primary segments of interest:

Segment A – 1031 & 1033 Exchanges
  • Interested in cost segregation and business expansion
Segment B – Capital Gains
  • Looking for real estate exposure and capital gains
Segment C – Estate Planning
  • Concerned with hedging for inflation and wealth preservation.
We can further analyze these three groups in terms of demographics, lifestyle and usage.

You can view a chart illustrating this here.

This classification schema is helpful because it gets at the roots of an investors interest. There will be numerous situations when these interests overlap and understanding how they interact is vital.

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