Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Demand for Discount on Black Friday

Here are some recently released numbers from Nielsen on this years Black Friday:

  • 76%s said they will be shopping at department stores
  • 55% will shop at supercenters/mass merchandiser stores
  • 52% will shop at electronics stores
  • 35% at toy stores
  • 23% online
  • 22% at dollar stores

The top buys on Black Friday will include apparel (64%), electronics (60%) and toys (47%).

The most interesting thing about these numbers is the percentage of people planning on shopping at dollar stores. Nearly 1/4th of all shoppers said they plan on doing so. This lends credence to the recent expansion plans by such stores as Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. The demand for discount clearly remains an important feature in today’s retail market.

We asked whether Dollar General’s IPO made sense back in November ’09 in our blog “Does the Market Still Crave Inferior Goods”. A year later it clearly does.

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