Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Net Lease Conference 2011 – What a Difference a Few Years Makes

The 2011 net lease conference displayed the most positive atmosphere since the economic pitfall. It was easily the best attended net lease conference in years. We are continually told that things are getting better, but to see that attitude on the ground is a different story.

The most noticeable thing besides its attendance was the high level of interest participants showcased. In previous years, a sizeable number walked around in almost a trance –trying to figure out how to be active in a non-active market. 2011 saw the return of the players. This energy revitalized the event and gave it a positive attitude. People were optimistic about the future.

That said a few prominent issues kept appearing:

  • Interest rate fears.
  • Overall lack of supply continues to plague the market.
  • Development probably won’t begin again till 2012 (and that's pending interest rates)
  • Sale Leasebacks are currently popular ways to raise capital (more so than usual anyway).

Overall, the 2011 net lease conference showed lots of promise for the future.

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